Don’t be left in the cold


We might be about to switch our heating off for the season but ADEY heating experts are urging homeowners not to let heating and boiler maintenance slip down their list of priorities.

After one of the warmest winters on record and energy prices falling to a 10-year low, it’s highly likely that homeowners will be less concerned about protecting the efficiency of their central heating system. However, while it might seem an unnecessary expense during the summer months, failing to have a boiler and heating system check on an annual basis could end up proving costly.

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Money-saving heating experts


Although the biggest energy providers have cut their prices in the past 12 months and savvy ‘switchers’ are benefitting from increasingly competitive deals, research has shown that energy costs remain a big household concern. In fact, many homeowners are more worried about energy bills than paying the rent or the mortgage.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, our household boilers account for around 55% of what we spend in a year on energy bills. Our ADEY heating experts explain why taking care to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible is one of the easiest ways every home can save.

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Steps to reducing household heating bills


Central heating can be highly efficient and economical to run when it’s operating at peak performance. But when it’s not, heat levels can plummet and costs can soar. Colin Yearp, Technical Sales Support explains why it’s worth asking your local Gas Safe registered installer to follow ADEY’s five steps of heating maintenance best practice to protect against costly inefficiencies.

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How healthy is your heating?

stethcoverMillions of households crank up the heat at the touch of a dial when temperatures drop outside. But unless the boiler and central heating system is regularly maintained, there’s a greater risk you may be wasting energy – and money – as well as causing costly damage to your system.

If you’ve ever thought that servicing and maintaining your boiler was an unnecessary expense, read on. Our heating experts offer some top tips and explanations that will have you dialling your friendly Gas Safe registered heating engineer or plumber in a jiffy.

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Developing a successful business


A little over a decade ago, Chris Adey was a plumbing and heating engineer who risked it all to turn inventor and entrepreneur, spending many months and much of his own money to develop an idea which had been in the back of his mind for years.

Today, ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is Europe’s largest water treatment manufacturer serving the heating industry and its MagnaClean filters are now protecting heating systems in more than three million homes in Europe.

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