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When John Vaughan joined ADEY as MD in May 2015, it was evident that the success the company had achieved in delivering its market-leading MagnaClean range had also created its biggest challenge; the need for continued innovation.

John, now CEO, shares his thoughts and insight on how ADEY is turning this challenge into an opportunity to keep solving the issues being faced by installers and the heating industry at large.

Driving change
For the last couple of years, we’ve been leading the charge in moving the industry towards the adoption of a best practice approach to ongoing heating system maintenance and protection which includes system cleaning, magnetic filtration, chemical water treatment and water testing. This shift in focus was prompted by the development of ADEY’s own premium quality chemicals. Designed specifically to work with our magnetic filters, we saw that a holistic approach to water treatment could deliver even greater results in protecting systems from damaging corrosion.

Since starting to drive the adoption of our award-winning best practice to safeguard the performance of today’s modern energy efficient boilers, we’ve created an opportunity to work more closely with leading boiler manufacturers to raise awareness among installers, and their customers, of the need for heating system maintenance to keep lengthy warranties intact. We’re also working hard with other industry partners to ensure that best practice resonates with and is embraced by the next generation of heating installers.

Currently, our mission is to continue developing products that ensure installers are equipped with the best tools for the job, providing them with effective solutions that solve their everyday problems. We also believe this is critical in driving the adoption of better standards across the industry – that’s why our biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity to inspire change.

Investment in innovation
However, being up to this challenge requires significant and ongoing investment, not just in product development. As such, ADEY have invested in the strengthening of its board and senior management team, setting in place a bullish plan to take the business from strength to strength over the next five years.

To help us achieve our aims, we’ve also invested heavily in other areas of the business including the development of our bespoke R&D laboratory and water testing service at Sittingbourne in Kent which enables us to have more control over our chemical formulations and provide a complete end-to-end water treatment service for our customers.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for our business as we carry our plan forward and begin exploiting the many opportunities and new avenues open to us at home and overseas. Yet, for the industry as a whole to continue pushing forward in the same way, it needs more support and investment at a higher level.

The lack of funding of the Green Deal and other Government initiatives for improving energy efficiency in UK homes has highlighted the need for more practical solutions that are cost-effective and accessible for most people. There are many existing technologies borne from the heating industry that could help the Government realise its ambitious energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets but the sector needs further investment to realise this incredible potential.

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  1. Hi I have look on your web site to find out which is best practice in fitting
    your filter in a domestic central heating system I.E. flow or return . As I am having one fitted . The system is a seal one, position in the system would be good

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