Bigger and better heating protection

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Magnetic filtration is integral to the ongoing maintenance and protection of domestic central heating systems but for engineers responsible for the running of large-scale industrial and commercial systems, how can the technology help?

Impact of size and scale
Engineers maintaining large-scale heating systems face bigger and different challenges to domestic sector installers when it comes to guarding against the effects of corrosion which can cause damage to boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, pumps, pipework, valves and heat interface units. Just the sheer size and scale of these systems can make issues more severe and complex to treat while repairs and replacements of damaged component parts are more expensive.

Benefits of breaking tradition
Traditionally these types of systems have relied on basket filters and/or dirt separators for plant protection, but experts here at ADEY believe magnetic filtration is up to 80% more effective in tackling black iron oxide sludge in every system type.

When specifying the new installation of a heating system, we recommend a MagnaClean Commercial filter is fitted to draw magnetite out of the system. This, particularly when used hand-in-hand with high quality water treatment chemicals such as our MC range, ensures that the system is properly maintained and protected, and the results usually speak for themselves.

If not properly protected, commercial systems can be hugely expensive to maintain so engineers usually see the benefit of installing a proven magnetic filter, but when maintenance budgets are being squeezed so tightly something has to give. Finance teams often don’t appreciate the long-term benefits and cost-savings the installation of an effective commercial magnetic filter can bring. This is why we provide all the information and tools to demonstrate why it’s worth investing in from the start.

Installation success
From factories to office blocks, hospitals to leisure facilities, holiday complexes to universities and churches to housing association properties, MagnaClean Commercial filters are now helping the broadest range of demanding applications cope with the complex demands of their large scale heating systems and importantly, to maintain efficiency.

For example, when Freebridge Community Housing in Norfolk replaced the oil system with two large wood pellet biomass boilers at its Beaupre Hall sheltered housing scheme, a 2” MagnaClean Commercial filter was also installed to ensure the system remained as efficient as possible for the whole of its lifespan. The Freebridge maintenance team will need to service the filter around three times a year as it continues to collect and remove any magnetite.

Likewise at Hussey’s Almshouses in Salisbury, where a harsh winter brought to light major system inefficiencies and prompted a boiler upgrade. The installation of a MagnaClean Commercial filter helped to bring significant improvements in the system’s reliability and performance.

Assured performance
MagnaClean Commercial filters come in a range of sizes from 1 ¼” to 8” to provide protection from black iron oxide build-up and help restore larger heating systems to peak performance and efficiency. Unlike similar filters on the market, the range conforms to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, ensuring they are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and meet the safety requirements for design, manufacturing and testing both in the UK and Europe.

The filters are easy to install and a sight-glass within the casing enables engineers to see how much sludge has been captured and determine when maintenance is required.

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