Test to protect


When it comes to heating system maintenance, a water test is no longer a ‘nice to have’; instead it’s now considered a critical diagnosis tool that helps installers provide maximum protection for customers. ADEY’s Global Technical Director, Dr Neil Watson, explains why.

Increasing potential
Water testing is becoming increasingly important to ensure central heating systems are correctly dosed with the right amount of premium protector. Integral to a best practice approach, it should be seen as an essential part of an installer’s armoury when talking to homeowners about how they can ensure the protection of their boiler, and potentially extend its lifespan beyond the expected 12-15 years.

In addition, with boiler manufacturers increasing the length of their product warranties and some lasting as long as ten years, an annual water test will help ensure they remain intact.

Comprehensive solution
This is why we’ve set up a dedicated water testing service at ADEY, to provide a total solution for installers and their customers. Comprehensive system and mains water tests are completed at our UKAS accredited R&D laboratory on a broad range of parameters to determine whether any ongoing corrosion or scale deposition is occurring; pH is under control, all contaminants have been removed and inhibitor levels are correct.

A water test should be the first port of call for an installer to check water quality and confirm if the correct installation and maintenance procedures have been followed. Test results and a comprehensive, reliable analytical report detailing any problems and recommended solutions, are returned within just 24 hours from the point of receipt via a secure, user-friendly, online portal.

ADEY Best Practice™

We encourage installers to adopt the five-step ADEY Best Practice approach of clean, flush, maintain, protect, and test, for the most effective central heating system protection and to maintain the boiler and pipework. The fifth water testing step closes the loop for the manufacturer, installer and homeowner and ensures that all three are confident in the quality of the system water and the ongoing efficiency of the system as a whole.

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