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At ADEY we’ve long believed in the benefits that magnetic filtration can bring for large-scale systems, but a 12-month study confirms it as the most effective means of filtration for maintaining and protecting commercial heating systems.

Mike Green, our Commercial Area Sales Manager, explains the findings of the research.

Demonstrating the case
While the wider heating sector is now embracing magnetic filtration as best practice, commercial heating specifiers have been calling for detailed evidence to support our claims and prove what it can do for larger systems.

So we worked alongside an independent consultant to design and build a test rig, and carry out the research which took more than a year and cost nearly £100,000.

After the long wait, we were really excited to learn that the study revealed significant performance benefits in terms of sludge/magnetite capture and energy savings when compared with conventional methods of filtration for commercial systems.

Testing, testing…
Tests compared MagnaClean with a dirt separator and basket filter. The results showed that a MagnaClean Commercial filter is up to 80% more effective in capturing damaging magnetite system sludge than these other forms of filtration and at least 30% more energy efficient.

A 2” MagnaClean collected 1.52kg of magnetite during a two-hour cycle at a flow rate of 27m3/hr. By comparison, a 2” basket filter with an 80 mesh basket collected just 0.02kg, while a comparable dirt separator collected 0.31kg of magnetite under the same flow conditions.

In a further highly significant finding, at the same flow rate, the pressure drop measured through the same MagnaClean Commercial filter on a clean system was 53.8% and 68.1% less than the dirt separator and basket filter respectively.

Real-life exercise
The installation of a MagnaClean Commercial filter is paying dividends at Fairfield Health Club, part of the Bannatyne’s fitness empire.

When two of the club’s large boilers broke down an emergency replacement was required while all facilities remained in use. Although two new ACV 230kw boilers were installed seamlessly, cleaning the entire 6,000 litre heating system beforehand was impossible without huge disruption to members. Without effective maintenance, this would leave the new boilers at risk of immediate corrosion from dirt already inside the system, potentially causing costly damage in the long term and limiting their lifespan.

A partial system flush was carried out within the plant room and a good quality chemical protector, ADEY’s MC1+ Protector, was added to help prevent corrosion and limescale deposition.

Despite already having a dirt and air separator installed on the flow, magnetic and non-magnetic debris was still passing through the system. As part of an ongoing preventative approach to maintenance, a MagnaClean Commercial filter was installed to capture virtually 100% of system debris, preventing it from circulation.

After just one month, the filter captured and removed significant levels of black iron oxide sludge and debris from the system, far more than expected. This prevented damage to the new boilers without the need for any disruptive maintenance.

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