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Although the biggest energy providers have cut their prices in the past 12 months and savvy ‘switchers’ are benefitting from increasingly competitive deals, research has shown that energy costs remain a big household concern. In fact, many homeowners are more worried about energy bills than paying the rent or the mortgage.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, our household boilers account for around 55% of what we spend in a year on energy bills. Our ADEY heating experts explain why taking care to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible is one of the easiest ways every home can save.

Hot headlines
Just a decade ago, the average annual household energy bill was £472. Today, it stands at a whopping £1,265, so it’s little wonder there’s a lot of heat in the headlines when they’re about energy companies, expensive tariffs and the effect they have on cash-strapped homeowners and tenants.

Despite small reductions brought in by some last year, costs remain high or even unaffordable in some circumstances so most are still looking for other ways to cut their home energy usage. Yet, one of the simplest steps to save on heating bills is still being overlooked by many.

Our research shows that only 46 per cent of 1,300 UK homeowners surveyed had their boiler serviced in the past 12 months, leaving more than half of systems unchecked. One in ten householders even consider having an annual boiler service an unnecessary expense.

This means that every year thousands of boilers are left chugging away in the corner without checks to ensure that they’re running efficiently or even safely. In fact, 20% of householders only took any notice of their poor hard-working boiler when something went wrong.

Protect your pounds
A new study has also highlighted the worrying number of households unprepared to cover emergency costs should their heating unexpectedly break down in winter, with many admitting it would drive them into debt. Most Brits (55%) said that if they were hit with a bill for emergency heating repairs of £1,000 or more, they would have to ask for a bank loan to cover the cost. To pay a bill of £250, 49% said they’d have to borrow the money from friends or family and 30% said they’d need to pay on credit card.

Statistics from Moneywise, show that typically a fifth of UK households have a boiler breakdown over the winter, at an average repair cost of £320. The good news for homeowners is that taking steps to maintain and protect heating systems for the long-term can also reduce this financial risk.

Long-term benefits
Today, our MagnaClean filters and chemicals are collectively protecting three million UK central heating systems across Europe helping them operate more efficiently, reducing maintenance bills and cutting emissions.

In fact, we estimate savings of up to 15% on individual annual household heating bills where the five-step ADEY Best Practice™ approach is employed, using proven effective filters and high-quality chemicals.

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