Don’t be left in the cold


We might be about to switch our heating off for the season but ADEY heating experts are urging homeowners not to let heating and boiler maintenance slip down their list of priorities.

After one of the warmest winters on record and energy prices falling to a 10-year low, it’s highly likely that homeowners will be less concerned about protecting the efficiency of their central heating system. However, while it might seem an unnecessary expense during the summer months, failing to have a boiler and heating system check on an annual basis could end up proving costly.

Spring clean your heating
Every year thousands of people just leave their boiler chugging away unchecked in the corner, not giving it a second thought until something goes wrong but having an annual boiler service should be considered just as important as a car’s MOT. It’s the first step in making sure the boiler is operating safely and efficiently and keeps the need for expensive repairs at bay.

Unfortunately, research undertaken by ADEY in 2014-2015 revealed that not even half (46%) of homeowners had their boiler checked in the past 12 months.
A yearly check up, regardless of whether the heating system is showing any worrying symptoms, will benefit every system young or old. In fact, a recent survey by Which? found that on average, 49% of new gas condensing boilers will develop a problem in their first six years, yet research by ADEY revealed that 15% of homeowners are choosing not to have their boiler serviced because it’s between 1-5 years old.

Without an annual check, householders are not only leaving themselves at risk of having an unsafe, poor performing and inefficient heating system, they could also be left with an invalid warranty that won’t cover the cost of fixing any issues.

Ongoing protection plan
After a thorough boiler check, we recommend all homeowners ask their local Gas Safe registered installers about how best to ensure the efficiency of their central heating is protected. For maximum protection, ADEY encourages installers to follow its Best Practice™ approach to heating system maintenance; clean, flush, maintain, protect and test.

This process is designed to free the system of black sludge and other particles which clog it up, by cleansing pipework and radiators, topping the system water up with protective chemicals and finally installing a discreet magnetic filter to capture the debris.

In a recent survey, just 7% of homeowners have had a magnetic filter fitted, meaning millions of households are missing out on valuable central heating system protection and significant savings.

ADEY’s best-selling MagnaClean filter is proven to reduce household heating costs by up to 6% every year in a typical three-bedroom home. It can also help extend the life of the boiler beyond the industry expected lifespan of 12-15 years. However, when MagnaClean is installed as part of our Best Practice approach, these savings can increase by up to as much as 15%.

Likewise, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) estimated that using a premium chemical inhibitor can help to slow down corrosion and increase boiler efficiency by a further 3%. Without this kind of protection, radiators may lose up to 15% of performance, and poor efficiency means you’re likely to be losing money.

Next season’s savings
Spring is the perfect time to get the central heating system checked. With less demand and expectation being placed on the system, ADEY urges homeowners to prepare now for the next time temperatures tumble. They can then approach every cold snap with peace of mind, a protected and efficient heating system, a valid warranty and reduced bills.

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