BIM helps drive system protection


Mike Green, our Commercial Area Sales Manager, considers how the ethos of BIM is mirrored by ADEY’s approach to heating system maintenance and protection for larger commercial systems.

Efficient building design
The UK Government’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) mandate came into effect in April and now requires all centrally procured public sector projects costing more than £5m to implement BIM at Level 2.

With the aim of supporting more efficient buildings and design as well as adopting best practice to ensure projects are delivered right first time, the government is hoping that this first phase alone will help achieve a 20% reduction in construction and operating costs in new buildings.

Streamlined process
No matter what the size, it’s important that all heating systems are properly protected to ensure long term efficiency as well as helping to reduce running costs and bills. A central heating system is integral to how any building works but in a commercial application its complexity will have a greater impact from an engineering point of view. The role of BIM is therefore key in helping to ensure delivery of the best solution.

Information sharing is at the heart of BIM with the aim of making the construction process more streamlined and efficient. Project information, accurate material costs and installation times can all be modelled, helping to provide specifiers with high quality information that will improve asset and lifecycle management.

At ADEY, we have made a significant investment to ensure all our commercial filters, from our MagnaClean DualXP bridging filter through to our 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” models are all now BIM Level 2 compliant. And, there is a clear correlation between what BIM is trying to achieve and our five-step Best Practice™ approach to central heating system maintenance of clean, flush, maintain, protect and test which helps to reduce energy bills and running costs.

BIM will help ensure buildings are more effectively future-proofed and while there will be a short-term investment to ensure companies have the correct software and tools in place, the long-term savings will far outweigh this. This is exactly the message we are trying to get across when talking to contractors or architects about specifying a magnetic filter, and associated water treatment programme, whether this be as part of a new building or a retrofit solution.

Specify for performance
From a heating system point of view, BIM helps to highlight how heating products fit with the rest of the components of the building fabric. This arguably helps to bring it further up the agenda with specifiers and creates an opportunity to start a conversation with a contractor or architect early on in the specification process about reaping the rewards of installing a magnetic filter.

The benefits of this are backed by ADEY’s own research. A 12-month study showed significant performance benefits when using a MagnaClean Commercial filter in terms of sludge/magnetite capture and energy savings when compared with conventional methods of filtration for commercial systems. The extensive testing proved beyond doubt that MagnaClean Commercial filters significantly outperform traditional methods of filtration in the capture of magnetite by up to 80%.

Don’t be left in the cold


We might be about to switch our heating off for the season but ADEY heating experts are urging homeowners not to let heating and boiler maintenance slip down their list of priorities.

After one of the warmest winters on record and energy prices falling to a 10-year low, it’s highly likely that homeowners will be less concerned about protecting the efficiency of their central heating system. However, while it might seem an unnecessary expense during the summer months, failing to have a boiler and heating system check on an annual basis could end up proving costly.

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Managing maintenance

ADEY Commercial Filter fitted to pipework

Reductions in the amount of money available to local governments have made for some hard hitting headlines in recent years. Having already delivered savings of £10 billion since 2011/2012, local authorities are being asked to find the same savings again over the next two years to meet central government’s overall target of a 40% reduction

Although cuts to spending on frontline services have unfortunately been inevitable, those who hold the purse strings are understandably keen to try and reduce spending in other areas. Mike Green, our Northern Commercial Area Sales Manager, explains how magnetic filtration technology has helped Norwich City Council slash its heating maintenance and breakdown costs. Continue reading

Money-saving heating experts


Although the biggest energy providers have cut their prices in the past 12 months and savvy ‘switchers’ are benefitting from increasingly competitive deals, research has shown that energy costs remain a big household concern. In fact, many homeowners are more worried about energy bills than paying the rent or the mortgage.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, our household boilers account for around 55% of what we spend in a year on energy bills. Our ADEY heating experts explain why taking care to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible is one of the easiest ways every home can save.

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Steps to reducing household heating bills


Central heating can be highly efficient and economical to run when it’s operating at peak performance. But when it’s not, heat levels can plummet and costs can soar. Colin Yearp, Technical Sales Support explains why it’s worth asking your local Gas Safe registered installer to follow ADEY’s five steps of heating maintenance best practice to protect against costly inefficiencies.

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Innovation for installers and industry


When John Vaughan joined ADEY as MD in May 2015, it was evident that the success the company had achieved in delivering its market-leading MagnaClean range had also created its biggest challenge; the need for continued innovation.

John, now CEO, shares his thoughts and insight on how ADEY is turning this challenge into an opportunity to keep solving the issues being faced by installers and the heating industry at large.

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How healthy is your heating?

stethcoverMillions of households crank up the heat at the touch of a dial when temperatures drop outside. But unless the boiler and central heating system is regularly maintained, there’s a greater risk you may be wasting energy – and money – as well as causing costly damage to your system.

If you’ve ever thought that servicing and maintaining your boiler was an unnecessary expense, read on. Our heating experts offer some top tips and explanations that will have you dialling your friendly Gas Safe registered heating engineer or plumber in a jiffy.

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